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Tomato and Silverbeet Wholemeal pasta




Being away from home, food and cooking is the thing that stresses me out the most. Although I can cook, love to indeed, I am really used to having a well-stocked pantry, with a gazillion items to choose from. When I am away from home, I am tempted to buy everything so i can cook like usual. But knowing that I can’t take them all back…. (/.\) I try really hard to hold myself back, rethink before I buy, and choose simple essential food to cook plain meals instead.

And that’s not just all. A major barrier to cooking is also Cooking for one. Sometimes it is the lack of motivation to make yummy food OR even to make a proper meal. Because, after all, they are just eaten by yourself, into the tummy, maybe just to fill you up so you can function until tomorrow. And unfortunately, this is when many people lapse into the ‘takeaway instead meals’ or ‘Vegetables missing meals’. To prevent these situations, and before you regret because you have put on 5 kg, it is important for some meal planning to take place.

This week, being situated in a rural town in QLD, I have actually planned out my meal, so I can head straight to supermarket knowing what I need.

This is my first meal plan for myself:

  • Breakfast – Weetbix  + museli + milk +  egg + Toast
  • Lunch – Sandwich/ pasta with tuna and salad OR leftover
  • Dinner – Pasta with beans and salad OR Veggies and Beans Soup with multigrain bread
  • Snacks – yoghurt, fruits x2, coffee, tea, nuts or oatmeal pancake

To make this last one week, I need

  • at least 2.5-3kg vegetables Frozen or fresh
  • 14 pieces fruits
  • 700g tuna OR 700-1kg meat for meat lovers
  • 1 loaf bread
  • 500g pasta
  • 200g nuts
  • 1 dozen eggs
  • 500g beans/lentils
  • 3.5L milk
  • 250g cottage cheese
  • 1kg yoghurt

Tonight, I made a Tomato & Silverbeet Wholemeal pasta for lunch, dinner, and lunch the next day.

In fact, this is my first time to use and cook with silverbeet. Such a big bunch of plant, but no worries, chop them up like bokchoy. If the stem is too big, half them length wise (like below)



Stirfry onion, silverbeet, add in tomatos, tomato paste, and simmer until silverbeet is tender
Too Hungry


PS enjoying the nice weather in QLD. So glad to have ditched winter in Melbourne for a month




Asian Bread



Forget about the gluten free hypes and no carb diets. I am a BIG fan of bread, buns, and cereal, and I have no issue with my weight.

First, if you have coeliac disease, YES, you do need a gluten free diet, Strictly.

If you think gluten free makes you lose weight, think about :

– Are you going to do this forever? What’s going to happen after you stop? Is this worth doing then?

– What are you replacing wheat products with? If it’s more fruit and veggies, then yes you will lose weight of course. If your eating more nuts and chocolate the chances are you are more likely to gain weight.

So while finding an eating balance may not sound as exciting as a ‘Gluten free diet’ or ‘wheat free diet’, but it’s the key to long term health. So my take on to these diets is:

– Choose mostly wholegrain and wholemeal – low GI and more fibre. You will feel less tired after eating, and fibre keeps you regular
– Eat them in moderation: 4-6 serves is what the Australian Dietary Guideline recommends for men and women
– Add protein fruit and veg to all main meals so you don’t consume excessive amount of wheat and carbohydrates

So back to my baking, I love eating breads and cakes, this is why I love baking them as a dietitian! Making things from scratch gives me a great feeling (when things turn out the way they should!) It feels like you have accomplish something and therefore, you deserve to enjoy the things you made.

This week I made Asian Wholemeal Buns – Cheese and sweet corn, milk custard, spring onion, and bacon and cheese.


Before and After – Spring Onion and Milk Custard Buns


Before and After Bacon and Cheese Buns


This is my favourite – Cheese and Corn ❤

Must confess that I use a Panasonic Bread Machine to make the dough.. and its turned out BEAUTIFUL and so much nicer than my hand kneaded ones. Most importantly, my family are eating this wholemeal bread like their usual white bread without complaint- Means it’s nice and soft 😉