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Grilled Tomato with Quark and Toasted Coriander


Brunch is my all time favorite meal of the day. I trust many of you agree too. It’s my favorite meal because it has got all my favorite food from eggs avocado salmon spinach tomato mushroom to coffee. And also, It’s a good way to include veggies in breakfast!

However, sometimes I find uninteresting using plain tomato/ wilted baby spinach for my dish. I like to have wow factors on my plate. So this is why I made this grilled tomato with quark cheese and toasted coriander as part of my brunch today. It tasted so good that I had to make second batch!

It’s easy to make. All you need is:
– A fresh tomato
– 1.5 – 2 tablespoon of quark cheese with herbs and spices*
– A few leaves of Coriander
– Pepper to season


*This Schulz Organic Dairy quark cheese is the one I used. It’s flavoured with dill, onion, garlic, red capsicum and chilli. You don’t have to use this Schulz brand but this is delicious, flavoursome, and guarantees a good dish! It gives the tomato a bit of garlic bread taste.

How to:

1. In a small, dry fry pan, roast coriander leaves over low heat for about 3 minutes or until crispy. Keep turning to avoid burning of leaves.  Remove from heat. (Roasting coriander gives a really nice seaweed-aroma and flavour, as I don’t really enjoy fresh coriander taste)
2. Cut tomato in half, spread quark cheese on top and sprinkle a few leaves of toasted coriander20140421-174311.jpg
3. Grill under medium-high heat for 10 minutes or until quark has slightly browned
4. Season with pepper and serve hot with toast/eggs/spinach/bacon or as below


What is quark?

Quark is a soft fresh cheese like cottage cheese. Traditional cottage cheese is rennet set; while traditional quark is acid set (coagulated by lactic acid bacteria). It is creamy like sour cream and has a mild tangy taste.

Plain Quark cheese is lower in fat (1-15%) compared to most cheese (25%). It’s also high in protein making it a great food to include in eating for weight management. It can be used as substitute for low fat dips and spread. 1/2 cup of Quark provides 100mg calcium.

This Schulz Organic Dairy quark cheese used both rennet and lactic acid bacteria (as seen in picture below). It’s firmer than traditional quark. It’s flavoured and taste amazing on crackers, toast, as dips, and as recipe. The down side is that it’s quite dear – $8 for 200g!! I’d buy it when it’s on sale, otherwise, cottage cheese shall remain to be my dairy staple.


I hope you all had a great Easter Holiday!