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My favourite snack!

As a dietitian, I regularly tell my clients to include 30g of nuts per day as their snack because nuts help:

– Stop cravings
– Control appetite
– help with weight management
– Provide healthy fats which lowers risk of heart disease
– Provides protein, vitamin E, B6, selenium, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and antioxidants – which help with bodily function
– Are Delicious!

But, to be honest, I really only started having nuts regularly a few months ago. And now, I’m totally in love with them (Cannot live a day without them type!) They really help me in sustaining my energy levels at work.

So I would like to share my lil snack bag idea with you – cashew/ almonds, cranberries, rice crackers!


Mmmmm party in my mouth every morning tea.

You can prepare snack bags over the weekend, to make sure you have a healthy snack everyday! Simply put them into little sandwich/ ziplock bags and take them out with you every morning 🙂