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When I had this cauliflower pizza the first time. I have already fell in loveeeee with it ❤ I can’t remember how many times i have made it since, must be too many that I can’t count.

Because I can eat a lot (half a pizza as part of my main meal!!!), and not feel heavy, oily, and super full.
I also easily get 3 serves of veggies in from this dish, and in a pizza format, i mean, eating veggies cannot get better than this!!

Okay, so now,  I just make my own recipe off by heart.  Which is probably not the best thing for blogging, because I have weird taste buds and likes plain food, so my re-created recipe would probably be a little bland 😛

So I will link you to the recipe from popsugar that I used at the very first time, and share with you my alteration of my recipe.



– I halved the mozzarella cheese in the pizza base (using 1/2 cup)
– I added garlic ~2 tsp and some herbs into the pizza base to bake
– Baked base pizza for longer ~30minutes
– I add whatever topping is around home (eg mushrooms, spinach, capsicum, onion)

This pizza is suitable for those that need gluten free, have a wheat intolerance, for vegetarians, and those that need to increase veggie intake and maybe lose some pounds.

This recipe does take a lil more time and effort than buying a pizza dough and just put toppings on. But i tell you. IT’S. WORTH. IT. Try this recipe when you have a day off or need a cooking therapy.