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Good Food Good Portions

Everyone’s got a favourite food (sometimes naughty), that’s close to our hearts. So close, that you don’t want to live without!

What’s your favourite food? Mine is coffee, cheese, salt and pepper calmari. Take them away and i’ll be miserable…….


Being healthy is about enjoying these food occasionally and in good quantity. My favourite eat out dish is salt and pepper calamari. In fact it was my favourite pub meal when I was in Roma. Loved the generous serving size and goes so well with a beer 😀 However, i only eat out once per week, and on other days I eat pretty well at home.


Tonight, it’s about salt and pepper calamari at home in a healthy plate portion.

What is a healthy portion? Aim for:

– 1/2 plate salad
– 1/4 plate carbohydrates (homemade potato wedges)
– 1/2 plate protein ( salt and pepper calamari & tofu)


Follow this portion for lunch and dinner meals can help you:
– Meat vegetables requirements – fibre and vitamins
– Weight management/ Control energy intake – vegetables are low in energy
– Enjoy favourite food more – good portion of favourite food so you enjoy all mouthful of them
– Feel good after your meal – instead of tired and a post meal slump


A colourful dish with a variety of vegetables & good portion of carbs, protein, and vegetables makes me happy. Just like these poppies.




My favourite snack!

As a dietitian, I regularly tell my clients to include 30g of nuts per day as their snack because nuts help:

– Stop cravings
– Control appetite
– help with weight management
– Provide healthy fats which lowers risk of heart disease
– Provides protein, vitamin E, B6, selenium, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and antioxidants – which help with bodily function
– Are Delicious!

But, to be honest, I really only started having nuts regularly a few months ago. And now, I’m totally in love with them (Cannot live a day without them type!) They really help me in sustaining my energy levels at work.

So I would like to share my lil snack bag idea with you – cashew/ almonds, cranberries, rice crackers!


Mmmmm party in my mouth every morning tea.

You can prepare snack bags over the weekend, to make sure you have a healthy snack everyday! Simply put them into little sandwich/ ziplock bags and take them out with you every morning 🙂